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Sudoku For Your Web Site

We offer our full Sudoku engine and puzzles for your website. Online games and puzzles are the most sticky content that brings repeat visitors back to your site often for daily or more frequent visits. Build repeat traffic to your pages and increase sales or advertising revenues. The cost is minimal in CPM terms and for the unlimited traffic option is negligible. Our sudoku engine has many features not found in other solvers, including:

  • Choice of 3 grid sizes
  • Optional automatic pencilmarks or possibilities
  • Optional checking the validity of the position - saves backtracking if the user makes a mistake
  • Position links - bookmark or add to favorites and return to the same position later
  • Full multi-step unlimited undo/redo
  • Restart from the beginning position
  • Hints about the next step - either vague hints or more concrete hints
  • Solve the entire puzzle at once
  • Solve a single step or step through multiple steps in a solution
  • Description of each solution step in words
  • JavaScript implementation minimizes server load

The purchase process is easy. Simply select the level of traffic that matches your site from the options below, and click on the Add To Cart button to add that option to the PayPal shopping cart. If you are unsure of the level of traffic you need you can start at the lowest level and upgrade at any point for the difference in cost (one page view is all that a user needs to solve an entire sudoku puzzle and the average puzzle solver that visits makes less than 2 page views). You can then check out and pay using PayPal services or a credit card. Only PayPal is aware of your credit card details.

We will be notified of your purchase by e-mail and we will respond within 24 hours to determine your needs in terms of site language and any customization needed. We can provide reasonable custom HTML and JavaScript to meet your needs. Once we have created a custom package of files for you we will e-mail you the files in a zip format. It is possible we can also install the files for you on your web server if you want us to.

If you have any questions please e-mail us.

Sudokuhints Sudoku Engine and Daily Puzzles One Year License Up to 3000 page views/month: $49.95
Sudokuhints Sudoku Engine and Daily Puzzles One Year License up to 10000 page views/month: $99.95
Sudokuhints Sudoku Engine and Puzzles One Year License UNLIMITED page views: $199.95

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